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Response To Instruction and Intervention for Behavior (RTI2B)

Please click here for the RTI2B Handbook

Lakeland Preparatory School is participating in a very important behavior program, RTI2B or formally “PBIS”. We are using this program to help our students have a safe, positive learning environment and to provide consistency in all areas of our school.

What does RTI2B look like at Lakeland Preparatory School?

We will be using four consistent school expectations as part of our ROAR program:

Be Respectful

Be Outstanding

Be Accountable

Be Responsible

You will see these expectations posted throughout the building. Teachers will be using lesson plans called “ROAR” to explicitly teach these four rules to our students for all areas of the school (cafeteria, makerspace, classroom, etc.). To reinforce these rules, your child/children will be receiving individual points using the  PBIS Rewards system as well as whole class rewards. These positive behavior points will be used for raffles for rewards throughout the school year.

How can you be a partner in this effort?

We want you to be a partner in helping us make our school a more positive place for our children to learn. We are including the behavioral expectation matrix attached to ensure that you as parents and your child/children as students are aware of the school expectations; we ask that you review the matrix in its entirety with your child/children. Additional ways to be involved are: using the expectations in your home, reminding your child/children each day before they leave your home of the expectations, as well as asking them if they followed the rules that day and if they received any Mane Money points.

If you have any questions regarding our RTI2-B program please contact:

Nikole Hamlett 
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MIsty manthe
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Tiffany Sanders 
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Behavior Matrix